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Cocktail Inspired: ‘Old Fashioned’ Steak

Cocktail Inspired: 'Old Fashioned' Steak

Perfect for the festive season – Cheers!

Made with AVO Lafiness Whiskey & Black Pepper Oil-based Marinade

It’s likely that we see smaller gatherings this year… so let’s make them even more special!

These Cocktail inspired recipes will add a touch of luxury and indulgence to your counters this season!

‘Old Fashioned’ Steak is inspired by the classic cocktail, made with Whiskey & Black Pepper Marinade, lemon zest and peel


Method of Preparation

  1. Brush the Rib-Eye steak with AVO Lafiness Whiskey & Black Pepper Oil Based Marinade
  2. Grate the orange zest over the surface
  3. Finish with the Orange Peel to simulate an Old Fashioned cocktail

Cook at Home

  1. Fry on a high heat for 2-3 minutes either side to achieve a pink centre

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