Breaders and Crumbs

Butcher’s Meat Breaders and Crumbs

A range of wholesale Breaders and Crumbs that have been specially selected with the Butcher or Farm Shop in mind.

When used, they will create a perfect, crispy crumb that is full of flavour, while adding superb visual appeal to all meats.

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Showing all 19 results

Showing all 19 results

The range offers something to suit any meat including poultry, pork, beef, venison game, lamb, chicken, and duck.

Pair with anti-oxidant adhesion oil for the perfect application.

Gluten Free breaders and crumbs are also available.

Gourmet liquid marina is an anti-oxidant adhesion oil which is applied to the surface of the meat prior to the application of the crumb or breader. This helps the breader or crumb stick to the surface of the meat, offering protection and retaining moisture and succulence. Available in trade quantities of 1kg packs.

Gluten Free breaders and crumbs are also available, allowing you to cater for your customers needs. When used with one of our gourmet meat fillings, you can create the on-trend concept of flavour layering, to bring new product ideas to your counter displays.