Taste of Goodness Sauce Range

Taste of Goodness Award Winning Sauces

As a dipping sauce, as a side of plate accompaniment, squeezed onto your customer’s barbecued steak, burgers or sausages, stirred into their casserole or whizzed into a stir fry… Taste of Goodness Sauces are so versatile!

A cost effective retail sales opportunity which once tasted, your customer will love and be back for more!

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With ten in the family to choose from, we think that we have a flavour for everyone and everything! Ranging from South West which we can safely say is one of our favourites and best sellers to spicy Piri Piri to Cajun, Pepper, Garlic Mayo, Barbecue, Taco, to Sweet Chilli to ‘Secret’ being described by some as ‘down right wonderful’ and Tikka!

Made using greener energy sources, from natural spring water and offering a good source of Omega 3, they’re Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GM Free and Shellfish Free. Also being suitable for vegetarians, they’re not only perfect on any meat, poultry, fish or seafood but can add great taste and texture to many vegetables, rice, pasta, grains and dairy products.


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