Sausage Seasonings

A range of sausage seasonings perfected from a select blend of quality ingredients. Created especially for use by Butchers and Farm Shops, to make up a wide range of sausages for your counter displays. Reliability, convenience and consistency guaranteed.

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Our range of includes a wide range of flavours from Newly Weds Foods and IFI. Developed with a range of heat and spice levels to suit all tastes. The range includes plain seasonings without colour, and tinted pork sausage seasonings to add colour. It also includes a mix of classic regional seasonings developed from the RHMI portfolio, together with two new complete flavour profiles that will be an exciting addition to your counters.

To use, combine the Sausage Seasonings by machine or hand with the chosen minced meat, rusk and water, following the recipe PDF’s on each product page and fill into Sausage casings. Available in trade quantities of 15kg tubs and 227g unit packs in some of the range.

The popular Masterchoice Pork Butchers Sausage Seasoning has been developed by IFI and Newly Weds Foods.  This seasoning is packed with flavour and at a new reduced price! After some serious time in development, comparing our products to others on the market, we feel that we have the best sausage seasoning. Choose IFI MasterChoice. You won’t be disappointed! This is a tinted seasoning, with colour, sold in either 56 x 227g pack or 15kg pack.