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Stokes Retail Condiment Sauces – Ketchups, Mustards, Relishes, Pickles and more.
Introducing Stokes Retail Condiment Sauces – the perfect addition to any meal. This exciting range ketchups, mustards, relishes, pickles and more are crafted using high-quality ingredients and special recipes for exceptional taste.

Experience pure joy with every drizzle, dollop, spoonful, spread, or squeeze of Stokes. Stokes sauces are sure to make you smile and enhance your enjoyment of good food. From a simple plate garnish to a savoury gravy or casserole, these products deliver sensational flavour sensations.

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Showing all 23 results

Showing all 23 results

Taste the difference in every bite and elevate your dining experience with Stokes Retail Condiment Sauces.

At the heart of the range is Stokes Tomato Ketchup, just about as tomatoey as a ketchup can get, reducing over 200g of sun-ripened Mediterranean tomatoes into each 100g of ketchup. It’s as delicious as an ingredient in a cooking recipe as it on the side of your plate.

For something a little more daring, the Bloody Mary Tomato Ketchup made with real vodka and Worcestershire sauce will keep your taste buds amused, perfect for that ‘morning after‘ bacon butty.

Or try any one of the speciality table sauces like our versatile Stokes Sweet Chilli Sauce – is it a dip, is it a glaze, is it a sauce? You decide!

Classic sauces, made with real food ingredients, to taste just as they would if you had the time to prepare them yourself. Cocktail Sauce for seafood, Mustard & Dill Sauce for Salmon and other fish and Coronation Sauce, the creamy, fruity, curried classic for chicken.

Go on, make a meal of it!