Butchers' Marinades

AVO Lafiness Oil-based Butchers’ Marinades

Whether your customers want to fire up their barbecue, cook a ‘low and slow’ cut in their oven or create a tasty, quick and easy meal solution, Lafiness Butchers’ Marinades will deliver exactly what your customer deserves!

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With a distinctive clarity and ‘diamond like’ shine, they offer excellent visual appeal and their balanced flavour delivery is considered to be second to none. Succulence is also maintained and subsequently a reduction in product shrink/loss on cooking. They can also reduce oxidation and discolouration whilst in your display.

Lafiness marinades are developed from the finest Rapeseed Oil which is low in naturally saturated fat and has been hailed for its health and nutritional benefits. It is one of the only unblended oils that can be heated to a high temperature and not spoil its antioxidants, character, colour or flavour. They are also non-GMO and Gluten Free too.

With over thirty fabulous flavours to choose from, whether it’s an on trend profile, something premium or traditional, one that evokes the memory of a holiday or adventure, a fruity, citrus or spicy note or simply a great BBQ product, we have a profile to complement every single substrate.

We have 100% confidence that we can offer you the perfect marinade for every type and cut, whether that’s meat, poultry or game, fish, seafood and vegetables… we literally have it covered!

Our marinade pairing recommendations can be found below, when you click into each flavour… but if you require any further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Available in user friendly and resealable 4kg Tubs.

AVO Lafiness Black Garlic Butchers Marinade
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