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Created by butchers and meat technologists from the finest quality ingredients, this AVO Lafiness Premium Truffle Butchers’ Marinade will help your customers to easily replicate a gourmet dining experience at home.

Truffle with its heady scent and distinct flavour is one of the ultimate fine food indulgences and a prized ingredient in the culinary world.

Customer Serving Suggestion

Favoured by gourmands, chefs and foodies alike, truffle is the perfect flavour to complement so many meats.  This Truffle Butchers’ Marinade is particularly good with dark meats, poultry and game.

Gluten Free

All AVO Lafiness Oil-based Butchers’ Marinades are Gluten Free.

Made using Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil

All AVO Lafiness Oil-based Butchers’ Marinades are made using quality Rapeseed oil, unlike many other marinades on the market!

Find out more about the benefits of Rapeseed Oil >

Supplied in 4kg Tubs

Our fantastic range of tasty marinades in user friendly 4kg tubs are the perfect way to inject some big flavours into your counter displays. Offering excellent visual appeal, they impart flavour and help maintain succulence.

How To Use

  • Stir contents with a clean spoon before use
  • Brush onto meat at between 8-10%
  • Can be added to a sausage recipe to create a new flavour – 250g to a 4.54kg (10lb) chop
  • Use in a stir fry at 8% usage to meat and vegetables.
  • Store in ambient conditions
  • Available in 4kg tubs.

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