Rapeseed Oil

The Benefits of Rapeseed Oil

The Health and Culinary Benefits of Rapeseed Oil

Choose a Butchers Marinade with pure Rapeseed Oil

All of our AVO Lafiness Butchers’ Marinades are created using the finest quality ingredients, the main ingredient being Rapeseed oil. Our premium range goes one step further! A very high quality cold-pressed Rapeseed oil is the key ingredient, considered to be even healthier than Olive Oil and having the lowest saturated fat content of any cooking oil!  Read on to discover the main benefits of Rapeseed Oil.

Low in Saturated Fat

In an age where our customers are alert to healthier eating and preferring to eat more heart and circulation friendly fats. This is where Rapeseed oil is the obvious choice.

Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9

Cold-pressed Rapeseed oil contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 reduce cholesterol. The body is unable to produce these fatty acids itself, so it’s essential that we consume them in our diet. They contribute to healthy joint, brain and heart functions. Cold-pressed Rapeseed oil contains these fatty acids in the correct ratio, offering a real nutritious boost.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Cold-pressed Rapeseed oil naturally contains Vitamin E, needed for a strong immune system, healthy eyes and healthy skin.

Naturally-occurring Plant Sterols

Plant Sterols are fat-soluble compounds with a similar structure to cholesterol. These are found in some vegetables, nuts and seeds. When eaten, Plant Sterols and cholesterol compete for absorption into the bloodstream. Plant Sterols are absorbed easier and so our bodies discard the unabsorbed cholesterol. Cold-pressed Rapeseed oil contains naturally occurring plant sterols which provide a super boost to its health providing properties.

Culinary Benefits

Olive Oil can be toxic at very high temperatures and also impart a strange ‘off note’ as the oil breaks down. Rapeseed oil has a higher smoke point than Olive Oil, making it a much better tasting alternative for frying and roasting.

Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Premium Butchers Marinades cold-pressed Rapeseed oil

We have several premium marinades that contain cold-pressed Rapeseed oil;

AVO Lafiness Black Garlic Marinade
AVO Lafiness Truffle Marinade
AVO Lafiness Roasted Jalapeno Marinade
AVO Lafiness Four Pepper Marinade

Versatile Marinades and Exciting Recipe Ideas

We have several recipe ideas for how our Butchers’ Marinades can be used in new and exciting ways; these are listed on each product page and in the recipe section of our Blog.

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