Prepare for Great British Game Week

Prepare for Great British Game Week

Recipes to help you celebrate Great British Game Week … Perfect for the festive season too!

Great British Game Week is a celebration of wild game, promoted by British Game Assurance’s Eat Wild campaign in partnership with BASC’s Eat Game initiative.

Game meat is delicious, healthy and wonderfully British, to be celebrated and seen more on menus and on our dining tables. To encourage customers to either try Game meat for the first time, or to include it in their weekly menus more often, is to offer them new and exciting ways to eat it. We love developing new ideas and recipes to help Game meat shine through and be the hero.

Browse our recipe ideas below and hopefully they will inspire you to create some new display ideas and customer meal solutions that celebrate the versatility and flavour of British Game. And whilst Christmas is only weeks away why not include one or two as your festive offerings over the Christmas & New Year period?

Festive Meatloaf Mixed Game Wreath

Festive Meatloaf Mixed Game Wreath

An impressive centrepiece alternative to a Christmas Turkey, or as a Boxing Day sharing platter. Your Customers won’t see this in the Supermarket!

Method of Preparation

    1. Line a round, deep tin or silicon mould with the streaky bacon, leaving two or three centimetres to hang down the outside of the tin or mould.
    2. Place the venison sausage meat on top of the streaky bacon and push down to ensure that it’s compact
    3. Add the sliced game but if using duck breast, please remove the skin. Ensure that the mix is compact
    4. Place a layer of sliced chicken on top
    5. Spoon on the cranberry and port sauce and spread evenly before adding another layer of stuffing
    6. Take the bacon that hangs over the side of the tin or mould and wrap it over the stuffing
    7. Leave to rest for at least an hour
    8. Turn over and out of the tin or mould.
    9. Fill the middle with more stuffing and cover the top with a layer of cranberry and port sauce
    10. Brush over with the AVO Lafiness Black Garlic or Avignon Oil Based Marinade
Red Wine and Shallots Venison Plaits

Red Wine and Shallots Venison Plaits

What could taste and look better for those colder Autumn and Winter days? A robust and hearty combination of flavours that lend themselves beautifully to game meat.


Method of Preparation

    1. Plait the beef and tie either end with string to hold
    2. Coat the whole surface with AVO Lafiness Red Wine & Shallots Oil Based Marinade
    3. Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley or spring onion & sprigs of fresh rosemary
Stuffed Duck Breast

Stuffed Duck Breast

In this recipe, delicious Duck Breast is stuffed with Black Cherry and Red Onion Chutney.


Method of Preparation

    1. Pull the skin off the Duck breast.
    2. Stuff the Duck breast with Black Cherries and Onion Chutney.
    3. Pull the Duck skin back over the filling.
    4. Wrap the Streaky Bacon around the side of the breast.
    5. Coat with the AVO Lafiness Las Vegas Marinade.
Venison Bon Bons

Venison Bon Bons

In this recipe, the deep flavour of Venison is lifted by the sophisticated flavours of Red Wine, Herbs and Shallots and sweetened and adorned by the Cherry on the top.


Method of Preparation

    1. Mix the AVO Lafiness Red Wine and Shallot Marinade with the sausage meat.
    2. Mould into a ball.
    3. Coat the ball with the AVO Herb Butter Crumb.
    4. Press Cherry on the top.
    5. Cut a hole at the top of the ball and insert the Chives.

Exciting Game Recipe Ideas

We have several recipe ideas to help you celebrate Great British Game Week and bring Game meat to customer’s tables in new, exciting and festive ways. These are listed in the Recipe section of our Blog, and also on the relevant product pages to help you see how ingredients can be used.

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