Arthur Pipkins Premium Pepper, Rosemary and Thyme Sausage Mix
Arthur Pipkins Premium Cumberland Sausage Mix
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Arthur Pipkins Premium Cumberland Sausage Mix

Pack Size: 1.18kg Packs or 20kg


Created by butchers and meat technologists from the finest quality ingredients, this Arthur Pipkins Premium Cumberland Sausage Mix has an excellent visual appeal, that we can confidently say is hard to beat!

Although made in Yorkshire and not Cumbria, we believe that we have created a superb and authentic recipe. The predominant flavours in this bestseller include sage, pepper, nutmeg and coriander.

Customer Serving Suggestion

Serve with mashed potatoes, rich onion gravy and English mustard, or part of a traditional mixed grill.

This Arthur Pipkins Premium Cumberland Sausage Mix is free from artificial flavours and colours.

Available in packs of 1.18kg – Each 1.18kg makes a 9.08kg (20lb) batch.

Also available in NEW 20kg Bags!

How To Use

Mixer Method

  • Mince the meat and fat through a coarse plate
  • Place in a mixing bowl
  • Add the sausage mix and mix evenly
  • Gradually add the water. Mix until absorbed
  • Re-mince through a 5mm plate
  • Fill into casings
  • Store refrigerated

Bowl Chopper Method

  • Dice the meat and fat before adding to bowl chopper
  • On a slow speed, sprinkle on the sausage mix and chop until dispersed
  • On a high speed, gradually add the water and chop. (For a coarser texture, chop on a slow speed)
  • Fill into casings
  • Store refrigerated

The use of good quality meat and the perfect balance of ingredients ensures that your sausages will be tasty, expand on cooking without splitting their skins and maintain their succulence. They always taste exactly how they should!

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