Sausage Casings (Skins)

Natural Sausage Casings and Collagen Sausage Casings

A wide range of finest quality Sausage Casings, including natural sheep casings, natural hog casings and synthetic collagen casings.

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Our natural range includes both Sheep Casings and Hog Casings in a variety of different widths, in either taped or standard. We source both sheep and hog casings from UK abattoirs to ensure the highest quality standards.

Our Collagen range can offer a cost-effective alternative to naturals. Collagen casings are typically used for the production of cooked meat products, smoked or non-smoked.  They can also be used to produce dry-fermented products and other non-meat products like cheese, corn sausages, etc. They are ideal for hand-linking sausages and give a superb final product appearance, with consistent, uniform sizes.

Bulk Discounts Available – Buying more offers greater savings. To help you get the best deal for your requirements, we offer a tiered pricing structure.

We stock a wide variety casings and if you have any specific requirements that aren’t listed here, please contact us.

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