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Recipe Idea: Traditional Stroganoff Burgers

Recipe Idea: Traditional Stroganoff Burgers

Give a robust and tasty classic a new twist, enhanced by an exciting blend of herbs and spices.


Method of Preparation

  1. Mix the minced meat and the burger mix together.
  2. Add the AVO MariTop Stroganoff Sauce to the minced meat and the Arthur Pipkins Cracked Black Pepper and Red Onion Burger Mix.
  3. Separate the prepared mince into 114g balls, then shape into patties.

Why not try… After shaping, coat the burgers in AVO Schnitzel Crumb to add a delicious crunch.


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MariTop Stir Fry Sauces – Ready in 15 minutes!

MariTop Pepper Stir Fry Sauce

MariTop Stir Fry Sauces allow you to offer your customers tasty, quick, gourmet meal solutions. These complete sauces include crispy vegetables – just add meat and display!  Ready to fry and cooked in minutes.

Ready to fry in a wok or pan, and also excellent as a pour over casserole sauce and cooked in the oven.

MariTop Stir Fry Sauces are easy to use – just add 800g of sauce to 2kg of meat / substrate. An additional 150g of vegetables can be added if required to the 2.8kg batch.  Sold in packs of 5 x 800g.  Minimum 6 month shelf-life at a temperature of 7°C. Storage in a dry atmosphere

Available in a great range of flavours to excite any taste buds. Asian Style, Indian Style, Italian Style, Mexican Style, Classic Provencal Style, Korma Curry, Rogan Josh Curry, Thai Style Green Curry, Pepper, Stroganoff, Wild Mushroom.

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Spotlight on: MariTop Asian Style Stir Fry Sauce.  An exotic blend of quality ingredients including poultry, crispy bamboo shoots, red pepper, bean sprouts, mushrooms and leek. Add to cooked chicken and serve with noodles or rice.

MariTop Asian Style Stir Fry Sauce

Spotlight on: MariTop Stroganoff Style Stir Fry Sauce.  A robust and tasty classic – gherkins, onions, button mushrooms, are enhanced by a blend of spices including mustard. Add to cooked beef rump strips and serve with new potatoes or rice.

MariTop Stroganoff Stir Fry Sauce


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Showcasing Deli on the Square in Farnworth’s fantastic, fresh ready meal range

Deli on the Square Farnworth

Last week we visited Deli on the Square in Farnworth, who offer a great range of fresh meal ideas, along with the finest coffees, sandwiches, pies and cooked meats.

Deli on the Square Farnworth

Our popular Spicy Taco Boats with AVO Brazil Pepper sauce.  Lafiness Bangkok Chicken Stir Fry with fresh vegetables.  Stuffed Mushrooms with MariTop Mexican style sauce, garnished with cheese, tomato, onion and Lafiness Tomato Salsa:

Deli on the Square Farnworth

Top: Luxury Garlic Chicken Kievs with AVO Herb Butter Breader and Gourmet Herb Filling.  Bottom: Paprika Chicken Kievs with a crunchy AVO Paprika crumb and a delicious AVO Paprika cream cheese based filling:

Deli on the Square Farnworth

A customer favourite. Chicken Breast coated in Lafiness Herb Butter. A moreish creamy butter, fresh citrus and herby flavour profile. Never ceases to impress! Kofta Meatballs. Mediterranean style chicken with AVO Italian sauce, garnished with Feta, Peppers and Spring Onions:

Deli on the Square Farnworth

All freshly prepared at Deli on the Square in Farnworth.


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