Festive Flavours

Introducing… The Twelve Mixes of Christmas! They’re all bursting with festive flavours.

Three NEW Merry Meatloaf Mixes, Five Special Stuffing Mixes and Four Succulent Arthur Pipkins Sausage Mixes.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

Three NEW Merry Meatloaf Mixes

French Onion, Mediterranean Style & Cheese Burger Style.

The perfect mix for your Christmas Forcemeat.  Simple… 60% Sausage Meat. 40% Meatloaf Mix.  Pack Size: 1kg.

Five Special Stuffing Mixes

Garlic & Herb, Cranberry & Apple, Blueberry & Black Pepper, Parsley, Lemon & Thyme & Sagion Sage & Onion.

Delicious Stuffing Mixes in five festive flavours. Pack Size: 3kg.

Four Succulent Arthur Pipkins Sausage Mixes

Zesty Mulled Wine, Cranberry & Apple, Pork Pepper & Nutmeg & Gluten Free Pork.

Well-balanced, succulent and flavoursome profiles.  No artificial colours or flavours.  Pack Size: 6 x 1.18kg.