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Innovative Food Ingredients

Other Pies and Sausage Rolls

newly-wedThe Newly Weds Foods range has been resurrected from the successful RHMI portfolio. Using carefully selected herbs and spices, these product recipes give a fresh approach to the old favourites. An extensive range of pie gels and pastry glazes developed from the RHMI range. Trusted quality, taste and visual appeal.

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  • IFI Bakery items

    NC6 Steak Pie Gravy Mix

    £41.72Pack Size: 12.5kg
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  • NC5 Meat & Potato Pie Seasoning

    £70.70Pack Size: 15kg
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  • Sausage Rolls

    Speedeemix Sausage Roll Mix

    £32.38Pack Size: 12.5kg
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  • Melsine Seasoning – Meat Pie Seasoning

    £63.57Pack Size: 15kg Bag
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